When purchasing a vehicle it is important to give it a good check to avoid any unexpected trouble later on. You may have some questions that you are unable to answer yourself. Our experienced technicians can inspect the vehicle and answer any questions so you can make an educated decision on your purchase

A pre purchase inspection includes the following for only $120

  • Assessment of the engine for fumes, smoke, fluid leaks, noise and other engine wear
  • Assessment of the vehicles battery as well as the starting and charging systems
  • Carry out a visual inspection of the radiator and the cooling system including hoses for leaks or deterioration
  • Assessment of the body exterior for any corrosion or impact damage
  • Assessment of the tyres and wheels
  • Assessment of the vehicles lights
  • Assessment of the condition of the vehicle interior
  • Assessment of steering and suspension for any wear or leaks
  • Check all vehicle accessories are present e.g. wheel brace, spare tyre, car jack